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Concrete Overlays

Enhance Your Property

Install a Concrete Overlay with Help from Professionals Near Greenville, SC

Concrete is often seen as boring and dull, but it can actually be incredibly beautiful when installed by professionals. A concrete overlay, in particular, can be used to really enhance the look of a concrete surface. If you’d like to get a concrete patio overlay, concrete driveway overlay, or another type of concrete overlay for your Greenville, SC property, then consider reaching out to us. At Glenn Gate Construction, we specialize in concrete overlays for patios and will do everything in our power to make sure you get outstanding results.

Why Get a Concrete Overlay?

A concrete overlay is, essentially, a second layer of concrete poured over an existing surface. Concrete overlays can be beneficial for many reasons—one of which is aesthetics, as the overlay can be used to enhance an existing concrete surface. In addition, concrete overlays can be used to fix potential issues with a concrete surface and provide some additional stability.

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Make your concrete surfaces look amazing by getting a concrete overlay!

See How We Can Help

At Glenn Gate Construction, we’re ready to help our clients get fantastic products and services. We can easily install a concrete overlay for your property; if you’re near Greenville, SC, then consider reaching out to get a free estimate. Learn more about what we do today!

Our Range of Services

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